Meet the Writers

Mack Veltman

Mack Veltman (He/Him) is a pop culture and entertainment writer. He’s interests encompass how television, movies and books play a huge role in our society and how they  reflect the current social trends and values.

Mack is  currently a feature writer for, a contributing writer for the  Geeky Waffle, a contributing writer for Horror Obsessive, and an editor for Fanatic Media.   Mack is a huge Star Wars, Star Trek, James Bond, Futurama and Skyrim fan. 

Contributing Writers

Dumo Pokima

dumo-profile (1)

(He/him) A New Jersey Native who likes to read, write, and watch films and television.. and occasionally go for long walks and ” exercise” (Is that what what it’s called?) I feel grateful to be inspired the many realms of geekdom and not only be entertained but to discover many emotional truths behind tv and film’s greatest stories. I also try to visit Camp Half Blood… Narnia, Wakanda and SHIELD academy every now and then. All in all happy to keep the geek flame lit always #wakandastrong

Guest Writers

Brontë Miller


Poetry writer and anime enthusiast. (She/Her)

Eric Schucht


Eric Schucht (He/Him) grew up in Tualatin, Oregon and earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism at the University of Oregon. His work has appeared in the Columbus Telegram, Jewish Exponent and Washington Jewish Week.



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