About Us

Welcome to Mack’s Musings! We are pop culture and entertainment writers (AKA giant nerds) who cover everything from horror, to science fiction to anime and beyond. We write about the latest pop culture news and provide breakdowns of our favorite movies, TV shows, books and more. We overthink and over- analyze storytelling, cinematography, subtle messaging, character and plot development, and overused but highly entertaining tropes because—well–that’s what nerds do. Right? RIGHT?!

Mack Veltman created the website in 2016 and has since welcomed new writers and guest contributors onboard. You’ll find an ever-growing collection of original articles written for the site and other publications, which we’ll provide links to. We are looking forward to creating our own website logo and banner and to further expanding our pop culture coverage.

This site is dedicated in part to Dr. Erin Hanna, who inspired Mack to write about the wonderfully nerdy world of pop culture.