Ron Burgundy Podcast Review

This is one of those times when I get a gift I did not ask for, but I am so glad and blessed to have received it. I was scrolling through Apple podcasts and my eyes landed on the Ron Burgundy Podcast. Will Ferrell knocked it out of the park with two installments in the Anchorman franchise as Ron Burgundy. Both films are widely accepted and a third one seems imminent. This is the perfect placeholder until the third chapter is one day announced.

Most people know Ferrell from his breakout comedic rise on Saturday Night Live. I feel in comedic love for him starting with the iconic holiday film, Elf. My inner child was blown away by such magical warmth and whimsy with that timeless classic. I was shocked when I first saw Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Why was my favorite elf swearing, drinking, smoking, and making crude moves against women? I wanted Will Ferrell to stay Buddy forever. I later learned that Ferrell is very diverse in his comedy later warmed up to the film and the comedic genius from Irvine, California.

Kicking and Screaming is perfect for fans of soccer. He and Robert Duvall make the perfect combo of rivals and show how amazing soccer is. Talladega Nights are off the walls insane in the best way. Ferrell makes looking naive, gullible, and wacky look easy. Someone needs to be awarded some gold stars and a sizable raise for letting Ferrell show his dramatic side. Stranger than Fiction and Everything Must Go is Ferrell at his best. They are emotional and heartfelt from start to finish. I can’t say enough good things about Curious George too.

The quintessential Will Ferrell moments are from the 2009 blockbuster Land of the Lost and Elf. In Land of the Lost, Ferrell and Danny Mcbride run into a mysterious mirror and they serenade to Cher as their vocals are changed. It lives rent-free in my head forever. Another moment is from Elf when Buddy gets a job in a warehouse and initiates the best dance of all time. Whoop, there it is. Ferrell’s filmography is the gift that keeps giving. Enjoy the roller coaster of laughter and the one known as Step Brothers.

This podcast is everything you hoped for. Ron Burgundy tries his hand at podcasting as he covers various topics. 

I must credit his assistant and producer Carolina for putting up with him. Ron is a man-child to put it simply. He is a wild card. He exudes such insight to such a whimsical degree. Then he lets loose some words that are not fit for radio and Ron forgets to filter his potty mouth or refuses to see reason. Ron at times can find Carolina threatening for no apparent reason at all and they but heads a lot. You can be sure to expect some meltdowns and hijinks as well.

One of my all-time favorite moments is when he interviews Peter Dinklage and it does not go well. Peter is annoyed by Ron’s interviewing skills and does not want to be there and it is hilariously awkward how tense things get in that interview. It goes off the rails. I did find Kamala Harris’s interview enjoyable too. She seems to know what she is in for when she meets the legendary Anchorman and can keep up with him and keep him on his toes.

If you love Anchorman and you are waiting for the third film to be announced, there is no reason you should not have this on your playlist. It is full of laughs, wackiness, and fun as Ron almost cancels himself in each episode. It is a jolly good show.

Some of Ron Burgundy’s podcast adventures include

taking a vaccine
going viral on Tik Tok
Q Anon ( uh oh)
a woman from customer service
meeting a raccoon
his date with Sia (NO JOKE)
and so much more.

I hope one day we can expect other members of the illustrious news team starring Ant-Man, Michael Scott, and Todd Packer.

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