BookTok Bands Together for Trans Rights Readathon

In the United States of America, there has been a recent increase in anti-transgender legislation. In response to this alarming attempt at human rights violations, author Sim Kern proposed a readathon, and thus the #TransRightsReadathon was formed. This is a decentralized fundraiser where everyone participating can choose which trans organization to donate and encourage others to donate to.

From March 20-27, readers will be reading trans books, as well as encouraging their followers to do the same. ‘Trans books’ includes books by trans authors, as well as books with trans representation!

This event has traveled to other countries as well, with Canadian BookToker and reviewer Rhys (@readwithrhys), who frequently discusses trans issues, as well as shares books by trans authors, created a master document with 600+ trans book. You can find the list here. Additionally, BookToker and Spice Authenticity Reader Rae (@seeraeread) made an Amazon storefront to coincide with the document. You can find their storefront here.

With over 1500+ participants, this decentralized fundraising event has surpassed BookTok, with readers and authors from Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites joining in.

Authors are also getting involved in their own unique ways! Trans author Sim Kern, who first proposed the idea of a Trans Rights Readathon, made their newest release, The Free People’s Village, available to request via NetGalley. Author Shannon Elliott has also pledged all profits for the month of March for her book Devil in the Dark (which features a trans and non-binary characters) towards Trans Legal Aid.

Readers are not just being encouraged to read trans books! This campaign strives to raise money for trans organizations as well. Organizations that are being donated to (this is not a complete list, but just an idea of some of the organizations you can support, especially during this event):
Transgender Law Center
Arianna’s Center
TransAction Florida
The Trevor Project
National Center for Transgender Equality
Kentucky Trans Health Advocacy

Some participants have also chosen to donate to individuals GoFundMe’s and other fundraisers to help with hormone treatments, surgeries, mental health, and other individual needs.

Although the publishing industry is heading in a better, more inclusive direction, it is overwhelming still lacking diversity. Transgender authors and stories deserve to be heard too, and this is a wonderful opportunity to not only hear marginalized voices, but also be an LGBTQ+ ally and make a difference! I’d like to encourage everyone to pick up books by trans authors, especially BIPOC and indie trans authors, as well as donate to your local trans organization.

Happy reading!

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