10 Most Highly Anticipated Fantasy Romance Releases of 2023

There are tons of books coming out this year, including a few of my own, but I wanted to share 10 in the Fantasy Romance genre that I think everyone should look forward to.

Disclaimer: I will not be including a few amazing new releases, such as The Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi or These Infinite Threads, due to the HarperCollins strike. Though I want to support these authors, I stand in solidarity with the HarperCollins Union.

10. The Ashfire King by Chelsea Abdullah

Set to release November 14, 2023, The Ashfire King is the second book in the Sandsea Trilogy, written by American-Kuwaiti author Chelsea Abdullah. Rich with Middle Eastern folklore, this trilogy hits close to home for me. A retelling of multiple stories from One Thousand and One Nights, this book is well-suited for anyone who loved stories of magical lamps growing up, but want an authentic version, now as an adult.

9. A Realm of Ash and Shadow by Lara Buckheit

This absolutely gorgeous novel releases April 11, 2023, and I don’t think I’ll ever be over that cover art. Great for fans of From Blood and Ash and Shadow of Eternal Flames, this story features an 18-year-old princess who must fight for her life as she is thrown into a hell-like nightmare.

8. Heavenly Tyrant by Xiran Jay Zhao

YA Fantasy inspired by Chinese history with mech-suits and a queer, polyamorous couple? Sign me up! Heavenly Tyrant is the sequel to the famous, globally published Iron Widow. Coming out August 29, 2023, this novel is perfect for anyone who grew up watching Neon Genesis Evangelion or Gundam, and secretly wished the women were a bit more bad-ass!

7. Emily Wilde’s Enclyopaedia of Faeries by Heather Fawcett

A Cambridge professor who studies faeries comes to learn they’re real, all while falling in love with her academic rival. Written in a similar style to A Dowry of Blood by S. T. Gibson, this intriguing novel releases January 10, 2023.

6. Immortal Longings by Chloe Gong

If there’s one thing Chloe Gong is going to do, it’s write a fantastic retelling of a classic story we all know and love! Immortal Longings, which comes out July 25, 2023, is Gong’s adult debut. It retells the story of Antony and Cleopatra, and I am elated to hear what she has in store for us.

5. The Gargolye’s Captive by Katee Robert

I will read any Monster Romance that Katee Robert releases, and this is no exception. Releasing March 28, 2023, The Gargoyle’s Captive features a monster hunter, Grace, who is auctioned off to a gargoyle. Our monster hunter allows herself to be seduced, and thus, chaos ensues. I am foaming at the mouth as I wait for this new release!

4. The Jasad Heir by Sara Hashem

Hashem, an American-Egyptian debut author, is gifting us a beautiful, epic fantasy romance on July 18, 2023. Trapped magic, hidden identities, and cunning royals wrapped up in a beautiful bow.

3. A Shadow Crown by Melissa Blair

Releasing shortly after my birthday, this May 9, 2023 release is a highly anticipated sequel as well as a gift to all of Blair’s readers. If you enjoyed A Court of Thorns and Roses, but are looking to diversify your bookshelves with a fantasy by an Indigenous author, The Halfling Saga is exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Woodborn by Heather Nix

Looking for a sexy sapphic epic fantasy novel full of grief, friendship, and magical world-building? Look no further than Woodborn. Fauns, pirates, and witches, oh my! January 21, 2023 cannot come soon enough, and I may have already downloaded an Advanced Reader Copy onto my kindle.

1. The Stolen Heir by Holly Black

I am not exaggerating when I say I am more excited for Holly Black’s new releases than I am my own published works. The latest installment in the Elfhame universe, which released January 3, 2023 is a wonderful novel featuring Oak, Jude’s little brother, as he goes on a mission and saves a child queen.

Honorable Mentions: Feathers from the Sky by Jess Wisecup, Court of Tricksters by S. L. Prater, Tethered by Elayna R. Gallea, and Rule of the Aurora King by Nisha J. Tuli. I was blessed with being able to beta for Tuli, and can assure you it is a sequel you won’t want to miss!

2022 was a great year for genre fiction, but especially fantasy romance. That being said, 2023 is the year to be! Between fae, tricksters, vampires, and lots of enemies-to-lovers, these releases are a delicious bunch of books that I can’t wait to get my hands (eyes, and ears) on.

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