Twin Suns Transmission Podcast Review

I guess this all started when I went to Star Wars Weekends in 2014. I was waiting in line to meet one of the talents from the Star Wars Universe and I noticed a guy wearing a Star Wars Rebels T-shirt and a Star Wars Rebels hat. Now my good friend Jennifer and her dad were so awesome to buy me a Star Wars Rebels calendar and a keychain.

So I thought to myself, I have to give this man my keychain. It is too good to pass up. I have to help him complete the ensemble. I offered him my keychain, and he was reluctant but he obliged. He then gave me his 501st membership trading card. Look up the 501st. They are legendary. They are known for cosplaying Star Wars screen-accurate replicas of Stormtroopers, Sith Lords, Clone Troopers, bounty hunters, and other villains from the galaxy far, far away. The best part is that the groups consist of volunteers from all over the world. I looked him up a year later and I found out he had a Star Wars podcast called Twin Suns Transmission. It was glorious!

It is so refreshing to listen to Eric Pfeifer talk about his love for Star Wars and be ACCEPTING OF ALL ASPECTS of it. The prequels fit into that category as proven by the amount of love given to Hayden Christensen recently. He takes the time to appreciate the story, characters, effects, and behind-the-scenes, too. He embraces what it took to bring George Lucas’s vision to life. I get the prequels are not perfect to many people. I have learned about the disdain for Jake Lloyd, Ahmed Best, and Hayden Christensen. But it brings so much joy to hear someone like Eric find the good and the wonder of all things Star Wars and what makes it special.

Now, if you are new to Star Wars, have no fear. He takes the time to go in-depth and explain the movies, television shows, books, and animated content. It is a great companion piece if you watch a Star Wars adventure and need more insight and understanding. Eric is a geek through and through with his extensive knowledge of collecting. I am thankful to have followed Eric all these years and for enjoying the finer things of this galaxy that have continued to impact my life every day. It is much better to enjoy things than to tear them apart and diminish the art. Eric represents the former and then some.

I think the best way to dive into this podcast seems to be the first episode, but I would choose the interview with the voice of Kanan Jarrus. He also played Fred Jones from the 2002 classic Scooby Doo. You might know him as Freddie Prinze Jr.

The podcast is currently on hiatus. Feel free to congratulate Eric and Amanda on their nuptials and their newborn. Nevertheless, I find it endearing to go back and experience episodes from this podcast. I liken it to the hit Youtube Channel: CinemaWins. There are many things to enjoy about this Universe. I get a kick knowing that the late artist Ralph McQuarrie lent his magical hands to conjuring up the world millions love. I am in awe that Lucas sparked a revolution in visual effects, sound, and digital media. If you are fortunate enough to have the Star Wars Original Trilogy on DVD, check out the bonus content showcasing how Lucas impacted the culture for generations to come.

I must commend Eric and Amanda for providing a safe space for Star Wars fans to enjoy Star Wars and all it has to offer. A lot of people have their takes on the sequel trilogy. The fandom took a turn to the dark side when Kelly Marie Tran and John Boyega were cast and received terrible racist treatment. It was nice to count on Twin Suns Outpost for celebrating these actors and that the mind of George Lucas is meant for EVERYONE. Star Wars means so many things to so many people from every walk of life in the Milky Way galaxy. It continues to be interpreted in new and exciting ways. Some refuse to accept that. However, there are some, like the team at Twin Suns Outpost who chose to embrace it with full hearts. The Force is truly strong with them. I am forever grateful.

I will end with this. It is poetic how much the world has changed since 2020. I think back to the lessons Lucas evoked in the prequels and The Clone Wars series. It is mind-blowing how much they are relevant today. On a personal note, I am thankful that Amanda decided to reach out to other Star Wars fans and have a riveting conversation with them. One of them. in particular, owns a podcast Sistas with Sabers. This podcast was a therapeutic beacon of hope during the social unrest in 2020. I was grateful to hear Maria and her friends evoke the power of Star Wars as well as the ever-evolving tumultuous world we are in now.

How powerful we got to see FN-2187 shout to the heavens in real life after the tragic death of George Floyd. I am grateful Amanda took the time to be so inviting. A spark of kindness has a powerful ripple effect. Even though the trilogy isn’t perfect, I am willing to bet money that no matter what George Lucas thinks of the sequel trilogy, I bet Lucas watched John Boyega’s Black Lives Matter speech and said to himself:


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