Halloween Ends Review: Evil Died Tonight!

The Halloween franchise is interesting because of its multiple timelines, meaning it’s up to viewers to decide what is canon and what other films they want to ignore. I used this mindset in how I approached David Gordan Green’s trilogy that kicked off with Halloween in 2018. I have to be honest; this trilogy did little for me as a Halloween fan, and my disappointment was only escalated by Halloween Ends. Green’s movies have elements in them that I love, like the return of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie and the exploration of how tragedy affects the entire town of Haddonfield and leads to generational trauma. 

There are also elements I don’t like: bad dialogue, victim shaming, very sexist writing, a lack of understanding of what makes Michael so evil and scary, mini-story arcs that went nowhere and took valuable time from the main action, and truly unlikable characters. It took me two tries to get through Halloween 2018, and I left Halloween Kills severely underwhelmed. Halloween Ends continued the trend of delivering sub-par Michael Myers material. And he was barely in the movie.

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