Skyrim Screenshot Showcase

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and released in 2011. The game continues to see a thriving community of gamers and modders a decade later. The world of Skyrim is breathtaking in its beauty and ripe for showing off through screenshots. Skyrim transports players into a deeply magical world brimming with adventure and danger. The fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series exists in the gaming world as a great example of self-expression—with a few game bugs and glitches along the way.

I’ve played Skyrim for several years now and it is without a doubt one of my favorite video games. Skyrim is a topic that often comes up on my site, whether I’m discussing build guides or listing my favorite mods. I thought I’d do something kind of different today and instead showcase many of the screenshots I have taken through various playthroughs. So grab a stein of mead, put on the Skyrim soundtrack to get in the mood, and let’s begin our digital journey through the frozen lands of the Nords.

Note: I do use mods in my game, so my screenshots might look a little different than the ones you take in your game. If you want me to do a post where I list my mods, let me know. With that out of the way, let’s go!

We begin our journey with a visit to one of the central Holds of Skyrim: Whiterun.

Skyrim: the entrance of Whiterun Hold.
Skyrim: The market place in Whiterun.
Skyrim: a photogenic view from the top of Dragonskeep.
Skyrim: the Whiterun marketplace at night.
Skyrim: Jarl Balgruuf and his court.

Riverwood is a quiet village near Whiterun. This is the first town many Skyrim players visit. Just remember—don’t kill the Riverwood chicken!

Skyrim: my wood elf character entering the quaint village of Riverwood.
Skyrim: Sven the Bard gossiping about Faendal.
Skyrim: a screenshot of Riverwood.

Helgen is doomed village that is destroyed by a dragon in the beginning of the game.

Skyrim: the near execution of Ulfrick Stormcloack.
Skyrim: the headsman raises his axe.

Falkreath has the largest cemetery in Skyrim. It’s also home to a werewolf, a den of vampires lurks nearby, and the hideout of the Dark Brotherhood calls Falkreath home.

Skyrim: The entrance into Falkreath.
Skyrim: the early stages of building Lakeview Manor.
Skyrim: An assassin standing in front of the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary.
Skyrim: a treehouse in Falkreath.
Skyrim: a screenshot of Falkreath,

Next we’re leaving the safety of the Holds and headed into the wilderness. Be wary traveler, for all sorts of dangers await you.

Skyrim: an assassin crouching on the main road with a bow and arrows.
Skyrim: a Redguard woman.
Skyrim: an elf Queen and her wolf.
Skyrim: the statue of Azura at night.
Skyrim: an alter in the wilderness.
Skyrim: the Western Watchtower.
Skyrim: a sign post.
Skyrim:  Faendal fighting a skeleton.
Skyrim: a waterfall.
Skyrim: the ice valley.
Skyrim: trees at night.
Skyrim: the mountains at night,
Skyrim: a town hidden deep in a cave.
Skyrim: a picture of Blackreach. Glowing mushrooms and strange structures.

Time to visit Solitude, the capitol of Skyrim! Upon entering the city, you’ll notice an execution in process.

Skyrim: an execution in Solitude.
Skyrim: a picture of Solitude.
Skyrim: the Blue Palace at night.
Skyrim: Thane Bryling in a winter red coat.
Skyrim: The wedding of Vittoria Vicci.
Skyrim: Jarl Elisif the Fair in a green dress.
Skyrim: my wood elf character in a green dress.

There’s more of Skyrim to visit, but we’ll finish our tour for now with a trip to some of the many crypts, temples and ruins around the land. The ravenous dead lurk in the shadows, so best come prepared.

Skyrim: an assassin hiding in a mining camp.
Skyrim: a shrine in a hidden temple.
Skyrim: a frostbite spider on fire,
Skyrim: a priest named Brother Verulus standing in front of a crypt.
Skyrim: my character entering a crypt.
Skyrim: Redwater Den.
Skyrim: some ruins in a cave.
Skyrim: fighting enemy mages.
Skyrim: my bard attacks a bandit from behind with a long sword.
Skyrim: a bridge.
Skyrim: a dwarven door.

We safely made it out of the dungeons! Let’s go rest at a tavern and plan the next steps of our journey through Skyrim.

Skyrim: people dancing at a tavern while a bard plays his lute.
Skyrim:  Saadia sits down for a drink.
Skyrim: a bard playing his lute.
Skyrim: Muiri enjoys a drink.

For now our journey ends. We’ll rest at the tavern, drink lots of mead, hassle the bards, and hang out with the locals. We’ll take the next stretch of our journey soon—just come ready for combat because I think we’re encountering some vampires with a plot to usher in the apocalypse. Thanks for tagging along on this journey with me. For all things Skyrim and pop culture, check out my website. Stay nerdy!

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