Black Adam and the Future of the DCEU

Black Adam marks the 11th title in the DC Extended Universe of films. The last time audiences dove into the DCEU in theaters was last year’s Suicide Squad, directed by James Gunn. I am excited and curious about this film for many reasons; Dwayne Johnson being the lead is one of them. It has been amazing to watch Johnson’s passion year after year dating back to 2019. The Rock has been chasing after this character since 2014.

I noticed in a Saturday Night Live sketch, Johnson played a superhero in need of a makeover and his costume hilariously resembles Black Adam. This reminds me of Ryan Reynolds who has been chasing after Deadpool for over ten years. Reynolds has tailored his career in roles akin to Deadpool. One can say the same for Johnson with Black Adam. It’s a certain point of view at least.

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But I admire Johnson since the release of Shazam in 2019 since sharing his thoughts about bringing Black Adam to life. It is far from boring hearing him speak about anything. From development to release, it has been amazing watching Johnson and his production company Seven Bucks taking the time to bring this anti-hero to life. There is so much love for this project. It reminds me of Zack Snyder every time he talks about a film. It’s nice to hear Johnson had the support of Warner Bros in the creative vision. I only wish Snyder and David Ayer (RELEASE THE AYER CUT) has been granted that years ago.

However, I am glad about the upcoming films in this universe, it seems Warner Bros is slowly learning from their mistakes; LET THE CREATORS CREATE AND THE MONEY WILL FOLLOW.

This has been quite the journey for DC in cinema. A lot has happened for better and for worse. I feel that there is room for more improvement. Warner Bros has had its share of creative involvement leading to box office gold but scathing reviews. Zack Snyder spent years building a universe and has not been supported by his superiors. However, this led to loving fan support and outreach leading to the SNYDER CUT and awareness for mental health. Ray Fisher broke the status quo by pointing out major flaws in leadership and calling out racist treatment. Then along came a merger and then several cancellations, delays of beloved projects, and layoffs of personnel. Warner Bros is in a prime position with Black Adam to usher in a new frontier for the DCEU.

Man of Steel follows the rise of a hero in Superman from Kal-El to Clark Kent and embracing the best of both.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice featured the Dark Knight facing off against Superman and how fear, faith in yourself and others, and trust play an important part in growing. We were introduced to Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash, and Aquaman.

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Suicide Squad saw a group of wild misfits and outcasts forcibly banned together to save the world and hopefully save themselves.

Wonder Woman features the rise of a warrior from the past to the present.

Justice League (2017 and 2021) saw heroes uniting and allowing them to see they may be broken but they are never alone.

Aquaman is about the rise of a reluctant hero and highlighted the wonders of the sea. Jason Momoa is always a win.

Shazam showcased the rise of a hero to a young man who was abandoned and found love in a foster family. Zachary Levi is too precious for this world but I am glad I am alive to see his light shine.

Birds of Prey thrust several badass women including Harley Quinn to the screen.

Wonder Woman 1984 saw Diana confront the past and the painful yet necessary journey of letting go.

The Suicide Squad saw new and old misfits return to save the world and offer a new look at redemption.

Peacemaker follows one anti-hero try hard to be the good guy whilst failing. This show also shows how anti-heroes and villains are born and how mentally destructive they can be. But Peacemaker wins out in the end. John Cena is a gift to mankind.

Black Adam aka Teth Adam is from Khandaq. He was born into horror but was gifted with powers from the wizard SHAZAM. He has the power to change his fate for the better. Unfortunately, after suffering from so much pain and loss, Black Adam is on a mission never to feel helpless again. Shazam is an acronym for all the power of Greek gods. Adam is an acronym for Egyptian gods.

Black Adam releases October 21, 2022.

Are you excited to see Black Adam? What are your hopes for the future of the DCEU? Let us know in the comments. For more coverage of the film and all things pop culture, check out our website. Stay nerdy!

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