Underrated Horror Movies: The Night House

This post contains minor spoilers for The Night House and conversations about grief, loss, depression, and suicide.

Sometimes we think we intimately know the people who populate our inner circles of friends and family. Sometimes our bond is so strong we think we know every secret, every aspect of the lives of our loved ones. Sometimes, we don’t realize how wrong we were about them until our loved ones are gone. In situations like these, we find ourselves dealing with death in a literal and figurative sense; the physical death of the person we knew and the not-so physical death of the person we thought we knew.

The Night House: Rebecca Hall holds hands with a ghostly figure on the beach.

This reconciliation is at the forefront of The Night House, a psychological horror film starring Rebecca Hall (Godzilla vs. Kong, The Gift, Iron Man 3) in the lead role of Beth, a high school teacher recovering after the sudden suicide of her husband of 14 years. As Beth comes to terms with the loss of her husband Owen (Evan Jonigkeit), she begins uncovering many dark secrets he left behind. The Night House presents a gripping, slow-burn, metaphorical exploration of grief, depression, and loss that seemed to fly under the radar of many horror fans.

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