Fringe: Why Kirk Acevedo’s Charlie Francis Left the Fox Show

For two seasons, Fringe featured The Walking Dead actor Kirk Acevedo as FBI agent Charlie Francis. Charlie was a close friend of series protagonist Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv before she starred in Netflix’s hit show Mindhunter). He often risked his career to help her and her Fringe Division colleagues Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson), Walter Bishop (John Noble) and Astrid Farnsworth (Jasika Nicole) as they dealt with paranormal phenomena. Unfortunately during the second season, Francis is killed by a shapeshifter. Here’s who Charlie Francis is and why Kirk Acevedo left Fringe.

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One Reply to “Fringe: Why Kirk Acevedo’s Charlie Francis Left the Fox Show”

  1. Hello. My wife and I enjoyed Fringe so much, and in particular John Noble and Anna Torv, that we have tried to find everything we can that features either of them. In John Noble’s case, that has been much easier. From multiple TV series, including Salvation, The Good Wife and Debris, to movies such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, he is very easy to find. Anna Torv, not so much. It seems she went back to Australia after Fringe and deliberately decided not to try and take advantage of the recognition she had gotten from Fringe.

    However, we recently stumbled upon the Australian TV series “Secret City” in which she stars. It is on Netflix in addition to another series of hers called “Mindhunter”. We are just finishing up watching Season 2 of “Secret City” and we highly recommend it, even if the Australian accents are a bit difficult to understand at times.


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