Which Hunger Games District Had the Most Victors?

Throughout The Hunger Games series, written by Suzanne Collins and the films adapted from the books, much attention is placed on the victors of the Hunger Games, a brutal competition to the death that takes place annually in the fictional country of Panem. Of the 24 tributes selected from each of the twelve Districts, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12-18, only one can claim the mantle of victor.

Each District has spawned multiple victors in the Hunger Games franchise, though some districts boast more winners than others, with each victor enjoying a luxurious life in the wealthier parts of their districts known as the Victor’s Village. To the people of Panem, each victor symbolizes hope, a defiance of the brutal tyranny through which the Capitol rules. While there isn’t much information on the complete 75-year history of the Hunger Games, Collins provides enough information in the four books within the series to determine which District had the most victors.

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