Killer Waffles Podcast Episode- Horror Franchises Turned TV

Gather around the campfire, Waffles. In this episode of Killer Waffles, Bri and Mack are joined by special guest Robert from Crooked Table to discuss the recent renaissance of the horror genre and the trend of reviving or adapting iconic movies into television series. The television format brings new and exciting possibilities to storytelling as franchises evolve to cash in on some of their most famous properties, from Psycho to Child’s Play to Evil Dead.

Ash and his allies get ready for battle in the television series, Ash vs. Evil Dead.

It gives audiences a chance to explore some of the greatest heroes (and villains!) of horror in unique and interesting ways, but is the jump from the silver screen to television always seamless? Does the show continue the story from the previous entries in the franchise, or does it burn it all down and start fresh? Does it reintroduce iconic characters, or does it leave them forgotten and buried?

From shameless cash grabs to clever reinventions of familiar stories, Bri, Mack, and Robert discuss what makes a successful adaptation, why some revivals are a hit while others miss the mark, and which horror movie franchising they would like to see as TV shows.

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