Bitlife Challenge Guide: Legally Blonde

Watch out, Bitizins! Elle Woods is in the house. Welcome to another Saturday Bitlife Challenge. This week we’re delving into the world of Legally Blonde—-Bitlife-style. The requirements for this challenge are simple: be born a female in California, have a chihuahua named Bruiser, be initiated into a sorority, and get accepted into law school with 100 percent looks.

If you play the game with God Mode, start a new life and boost your looks to 100 percent. If you don’t have God mode, start a new life, and make sure to work out, go to the gym, and walk every year. If you need a little extra help in boosting your looks, get a part-time job in high school and pay for some plastic surgery before applying for university.

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It’s important to be studious in this challenge and go to the library every year. Make sure your intelligence is high so you can apply to law school. To join a sorority, make sure your popularity is high. You don’t necessarily need a lot of friends, but you at least need to have positive relationships with most of your classmates. To join a sorority, the game will give you a random question about Greek mythology. Answer successfully and you’re in.

After completing university, make sure your looks are at 100 percent and apply to law school. You’ll want to check the pet store for chihuahuas periodically. Once you see a chihuahua for sale at the pet store or the animal shelter, buy the dog and name it Bruiser.

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Challenge completed! Make sure to check out my website for more Bitlife Challenge guides.

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