Bitlife Challenge Guide: Friend to Foe

In this challenge, you’re everyone’s best friend… until you’re not.

Welcome Bitizens! Bitlife released a challenge this weekend and I wanted to give you some tips ans tricks on how to succeed in your own playthroughs. Firstly you’ll need to download the Bitlife app if you haven’t already so you can follow along. I also recommend having God Mode, which allows you to edit some of your character’s stats before beginning the game. It’s not necessary for completing challenges, but God Mode certainly helps.

Today’s challenge is the Friend to Foe Challenge, which unlike some of the previous challenges, only has one requirement—kill 6+ best-friends. Crime-specific challenges can get tricky but they’re fun (and scary!) to play. Firstly, create your character. I named mine Harvey Dent since the challenge logo is his face. I used God Mode to give myself the special talent of crime, but I didn’t touch any of my other attributes. 

Once the game starts, focus on increasing your smarts and looks because those will make you more attractive and popular to the NPCs in the game, thus making it easier to befriend your classmates and coworkers. I recommend befriending as many people as possible once your character starts school and the option becomes available. I made six friends right off the bat, and instead of waiting for my friends to ask me to become their best friends, I asked them first by clicking their icons and changing our status. Sometimes one of your friends will turn down your request to take your relationship to the next level, which is why having many friends and options can help speed along the process.

The Crime option pops up starting at age eight, but you can’t start killing people until you turn 14. Once murder does become available, use the poison and drive-by options (although you’ll have to get a driver’s license first) to take out your friends because those are the least likely options that will get you caught by the police. If you do get caught—don’t worry. Either age out of prison (this is a risk because your friends might unfriend you) or escape using the riot or escape options. 

I aged my character every few years before committing another murder, and once I killed one of my best friends, I’d change the status of another friend and rinse and repeat. Sometimes NPCs will ask to be your best friend, but I found that asking them myself made completing the challenge much easier. Considering this challenge only has one requirement, it shouldn’t take you too long to complete.

Best of luck to you in your bloody endeavors, and be sure to check out my website next Saturday for the next Bitlife challenge!

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