Halloween Kills Final Trailer Reveals Fate of Marion Chambers

The final trailer for Halloween Kills was recently released, and throughout its intense 2-minute run-time, it revealed the bloody fate of a character audiences met in the original Halloween film back in 1978. If you’ve avoided any trailers and spoilers up until this point, consider this your official spoiler warning.

I was surprised how much detail the film’s trailer revealed, and the fate of a certain character left me saddened but not surprised. As much as I tried to manifest safety for nurse Marion Chambers, Michael Myers unsurprisingly had other plans and brutally kills Marion and the two people trapped in a vehicle with her. Remember, this is all information in the trailer, which I’ll link below.

Marion Chambers, a nurse employed at Smith’s Grove Sanitarium and a colleague of Dr. Samuel Loomis (Donald Pleasence) is played by Nancy Stephens in all four of her appearances. She’s a supporting character throughout the Halloween franchise who survives two early run-ins with Michael Myers in Halloween and its 1981 sequel before becoming his third victim in Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later.

Because Halloween’s timelines are all over the place, the upcoming two movies–Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends–retconned the franchise and directly follows the events of John Carpenter’s 1978 slasher flick, meaning Marion is still very much alive and will be returning to the silver screen on October 15th when Halloween Kills releases. Based on the title and the action-packed trailer, Halloween Kills will be a bloody affair with many victims for Myers to gruesomely murder. 

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The film’s premise reunites several survivors of Myers’ original rampage, including Marion and the two children (now adults) who Laurie babysat in the original film: Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) and Lindsey Wallace (Kyle Richards), as well as Laurie’s daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak). Together, they’ll face off against Myers in what promises to be a wild and bloody confrontation.

The trailer shows Marion attempting to shoot Michael with a gun before he smashes her car window and grabs hold her hair, a direct reference to his attack on Marion in the original film. We don’t see Michael killing Marion or the two passengers in her car, but a close up shot later reveals Michael displays their bodies on a nearby playground, so we know things don’t end up well for the trio.

Her fate makes me incredibly sad because Nancy Stephens brought so much warmth and heart to her portrayal of Marion. Even though she’s only a supporting character, Marion’s legacy in the Halloween franchise is not to be underestimated. Besides being the associate and confidante of Samuel Loomis–tying the audience with one of the most popular protagonists of the Halloween franchise besides Laurie–Marion is the one to learn of the shared parentage of Laurie and Michael, and she delivers this information to Loomis and the audience in Halloween 2. Throughout the film, Marion is shown to be protective of Laurie, comforting her in the face of all the tragedy the young woman endured.

Halloween H20 establishes Marion is the only person who knows Laurie is alive after she fakes her death to escape Myers, and it’s a secret she ultimately loses her life over. 

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Halloween Kills ignores the events of Halloween 2, so I doubt we’ll get many scenes of Laurie and Marion interacting with one another. After all, they didn’t physically meet until the second film in the series. I always wished the franchise explored the relationship between the two women. Laurie obviously trusted Marion with some of her greatest secrets before the new films retconned the franchise.

Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of 2018’s Halloween (I’ll get into why later, so stay tuned), I am excited to see Halloween Kills, and the return of so many of the survivors from the original film is a big reason why. I doubt this will be the last time I write about Marion—who knows, maybe she’ll end up on one of my Horror Movie Victims Who Should’ve Survived lists.

RIP Marion.

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Are you excited for Halloween Kills? Let me know in the comments and check out my website for all things horror. Stay nerdy!

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