Unexpected Horror Movie Survivors

Surviving a horror movie takes a considerable amount of skill and good luck. Not every character is cut out for the horror genre, and they serve one purpose only; to add to the body count of whatever masked killer they have the misfortune of encountering. Of course, the horror genre wouldn’t be as iconic if it weren’t for the small handful of characters littered throughout who fought back and made it out alive to their respective film’s end credits. Typically we call these survivors Final Girls—young women who’ve vanquished the evil trying to cut her life short in the most gruesome fashion possible. The Final Girl is usually an easy character to spot, and she’s most likely the sole survivor of whatever bloody rampage she finds herself caught in. Sometimes, much to the audience’s surprise, the Final Girl brings another character along with her, thus ensuring another survivor lives to tell the tale.

This list is dedicated to the unexpected characters who survived their respective horror movie through some small stroke of good fortune or the graces of the film’s writers and director. Maybe they were in the right place at the right time, or they emerged alive after suffering a seemingly fatal blow. Regardless, they have achieved the near-impossible, and their efforts shouldn’t be in vain. So without further ado, lock your doors and windows, dear reader, here’s four Unexpected Horror Survivors.

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