More Horror TV Victims Who Should’ve Survived

 the horror genre, regardless of the medium, is no easy task. Even some of the strongest and most determined characters meet the grim reaper in the end, thanks to bloodthirsty writers who crave making audiences fall in love with certain characters before cruelly ripping them away in the most gruesome fashion possible. The scope and format of a television series mean writers have more time to develop (and then torture) characters than they do in movies, making the threat of death even more unpredictable. Suddenly, the thought of surviving a ten-episode season instead of an hour-and-a-half film seems a little more daunting. Unfortunately, none of the characters on this list survived their encounters with death, and in some cases, it’s downright heartbreaking, while in others, it’s head-scratchingly frustrating.

I’ve written about characters in horror television shows who didn’t make it to their respective series’ finales, even though they may have been important to the plot or they fought like hell to survive. I’m back with more characters to add to the list and since I’ll be discussing dramatic and gory demises and important plot points, consider this your official spoiler warning. Lock the doors and arm yourself with the nearest kitchen knife, dear reader. Here’s More Horror TV Victims Who Should’ve Survived.

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