Captain America: The First Avenger- 10 Years Later

The Assembly is near.

By 2011, Marvel had released Iron Man and its sequel, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor, all of which wowed audiences and brought in massive box office returns, thus allowing Marvel to keep the franchise going. Fans were one step closer to the cinematic event of 2012 known as The Avengers, a crossover film uniting the heroes. The only thing left is to see how this all started. I was so excited when Chris Evans was announced to play the titular character. I admired his work from Fantastic Four, Cellular, Push, The Losers, Scott Pilgrim, Not Another Teen Movie, the list goes on. He radiates the every-man, the guy you root for, and the guy you want to have your back. The characters he portrayed onscreen all seemed to have these qualities, at least.

I was excited to see Joe Johnston take on this film. I enjoyed the vastly underrated Jurassic Park III and his other movies, Jumanji, Hidalgo, and The Wolfman. I saw The Rocketeer years after this film’s release, which I enjoyed, but I am slightly embarrassed I waited so long to watch it. His movies have a way of immersing me in different worlds and eras. They are just as timely and heartfelt.

Chris Evans portrays America’s hero with such ease and poise. Steve Rogers is a humble yet very scrawny guy from Brooklyn who wants to serve his country. He wants to stand up against bullies. He wants to do right by others. Despite constant rejection and ridicule, he is willing to go the extra mile. His determination and attitude attract the attention of Dr. Erskine, a brilliant scientist who flees from the horrors of Germany to help the United States in the war effort. He sees Roger’s ambition, enlists him, and gives him an unorthodox but vital resource that will forever alter his destiny. He uses this new gift to fulfill his dream and living up to his name. He inspires others.

What I love about this film is how Rogers changes the lives of those around him. He fights alongside his best friend, Bucky Barnes. Their loyalty to each other lasts for a long time. To have a friend in your life who cares about you when the world seems to leave you behind is a powerful feeling, and the actors expertly portray the friendship and bond between Rogers and Bucky. 

Peggy Carter makes the best first impression by showing she is one tough woman. She is calm, precise, decisive, driven, and is ready for any fight and challenge. She’s also undeniably stunning. Carter is, in some ways, very similar to Rogers. She witnesses Rogers’s warrior spirit, and they forge a bond that transcends time.

There are many great supporting players here: Tommy Lee Jones as the gruff, no-nonsense Chester Philips, Hugo Weaving as the sinister Hitler’s right-hand man Yohann Schmidt, Dominic Cooper as the father of Tony Stark, and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes. Neal McDonough, Derek Luke, and Kenneth Choi make some great impressions as part of Cap’s A-Team, the Howling Commandos. I can’t forget the unmistakably talented and the best father onscreen from ( Easy A), Stanley Tucci as the mentor who sets Steve Rogers on a life-changing journey.

This period piece shows us what life is like in the 40s, and in this world, we see the origin of what the Avengers could stand for. It is heartwarming to see a man imbued with so many Clark Kent qualities to be selfless and compassionate, both of which he demonstrates in their truest forms. He makes you want to be a better human being.

I am glad Chris Evans finally gave in to taking on this role. It is understandable when he talked about his trepidation in taking on Captain America and leading a potential franchise, both of which are daunting tasks. But it was the greatest challenge.

I am glad he accepted, and no doubt, brought much joy and inspiration to millions and myself. Captain America shows why these superhero stories exist and why they matter. I think we are all the better for it. So basically, this film is worth watching, and if you are lucky enough to follow Cap’s adventures, it ignites into a cinematic journey of metamorphic proportions.

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