Redwall: Seven Female Villains Who Make the Series Great

Ring the Abby bells and prepare the feast! Netflix is currently developing an adaptation of the bestselling fantasy books written by Brian Jacques. The 22-book series follows the adventures of talking animal inhabitants of Redwall Abby, a large red sandstone serving as a beacon of hope and peace in Mossflower Woods. The novels are set in different time periods throughout the fictional history of both Redwall and the surrounding lands. Known for its rotating cast of colorful characters and wonderfully descriptive decadent feasts of food the Redwallers enjoy, the series offered a fascinating and glorious escape. They told deeply enthralling and emotional tales of heroic mice, otters, moles, squirrels, badgers, and hares who are called to take up arms to defend Redwall or quest to distant lands after the spirit of Martin the Warrior grants them prophetic visions. 

I spent countless hours deeply immersed in the beautiful and majestic world of Redwall. The series was a huge part of my childhood, and nothing beats the memories of my mother buying me a Redwall book every time we went to Barns and Noble or me borrowing a title I hadn’t read yet from my school library. I loved the charming and fun characters and the feeling of suspense when the action kicked into gear. Even though it was a children’s series, the books weren’t afraid of depicting violence and the toll of war. For every heroic beast, there was a villain plotting to undermine them or lead a massive invasion of their sacred home. 

The villains help make the series memorable, and this post is a tribute to them, specifically, to the female villains who plotted and waged war against our heroes. I could spend hours talking about all the villains of the series, but I wanted to give a shout-out to some of the female villains who I think are either underrated or stole every scene they were in. Narrowing the list down to seven entries was difficult because there’s many female villains from the series, but the ones on this list are my favorite of the batch. I’ll describe their role in the respective book they appear in and their ultimate fate, so if you haven’t read the series, be warned of spoilers ahead. 

Settle in dear reader and grab a mug of strawberry cordial and a slice of Deep’n’Ever Turnip’n’Tater ‘n Beetroot Pie. Here’s Seven Female Villains Who Make the Series Great.

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