Horror TV Victims Who Should’ve Survived

The horror genre is not an easy genre to survive. Even some of the most determined characters meet the grim reaper in the end, thanks to ambitious bloodthirsty writers looking to fill kill counts or who live on the mantra “no one is safe.” Previously, I’ve covered Horror Movie Victims Who Should’ve Survived, in which I listed the characters who, despite their best efforts, didn’t make it to their respective film’s end credits. I wanted to take this next entry in the “Horror Victims Who Should’ve Survived” series in a new direction and instead focus on characters from horror television shows who were so close to making it out alive before death came knocking.

Surviving a horror television show is quite a challenge because, unlike an hour and a half film, the TV landscape has more time to play with and torture their characters, and as we’ve seen with cinema, a determination and drive to survive doesn’t always guarantee a character will emerge victoriously. Since I’ll be discussing character demises, and in some cases who killed them, consider this your official spoiler warning. Without further ado, lock your doors and grab that kitchen knife. Here are Horror TV Victims Who Should’ve Survived.

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