Even More Horror Movie Victims Who Should’ve Survived

Welcome to the third entry of the “Horror Movie Victims Who Should’ve Survived” series, in which I take a look at the characters in horror movies who, despite their best efforts, couldn’t beat death and didn’t survive their respective film or franchise. Making it alive to the end credits in a horror film, much less multiple, is no easy task, and death could appear at any time, even when we think our onscreen faves are safe and in the clear. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how sympathetic or relatable a character is or how integral they are to the film’s plot; if a bloodthirsty filmmaker marks a character for a date with the grim reaper (or an insane, unstoppable, masked brute), then their fate is sealed. There’s little we as the audience can do other than placing our bets on who we think will make it out alive.

Unfortunately for the characters on this list, death snared them in its ugly sadistic claws. It’s a shame because most of these entries were likable and fought like hell, while others seemed to be at the beginning of consequential story arcs when their early demises left audiences scratching their heads, screaming in rage, and wondering how things would’ve turned out if these characters survived. Without further ado, here are even more horror movie victims who should’ve survived.

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