Clash of the Titans: Godzilla vs. Kong Review

It’s a showdown that’s 60 years in the making. The long-awaited rematch between the two most famous kaiju, or Titans, of all time, is finally upon us after decades of sequels and reboots. Directed by Adam Wingard, Godzilla vs. Kong, the fourth film set in Legendary’s MonsterVerse, premiered March 31, 2021, after delays due to Covid19, in theaters and on HBO Max. It’s an exciting monster mash that truly delivers on its title, and for fans of the kaiju series, it was well worth the wait. It might not be the most profound film compared to the heavy-handed and depressing early Godzilla titles, but Godzilla vs. Kong knows precisely what it is and has fun with its wacky premise. Wingard clearly respects the long history of the two titular monsters, whose ancient rivalry comes to a head and finally settles the debate over which Titan is truly king. Note: if you haven’t seen the film, consider this your official spoiler warning. 

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