More Horror Movie Victims Who Should’ve Survived–Horror Obsessive Edition

Horror movie characters have it rough. The chances of their survival are extremely slim, especially when they’re sharing the screen with iconic and terrifying killers like Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. But even if you’re a character trapped in a low-budget movie with a second-rate killer, chances are you won’t make it to the end credits. As I mentioned in my previous post, only the best of the best survive their respective horror film, and even they have it difficult. Death could rear its sadistic head at any time, and all it takes is the ire of overambitious, bloodthirsty writers and filmmakers looking to fill kill counts to spell doom for even the most likable of characters.

Unfortunately, the characters on this list didn’t survive their movie, no matter how much audiences rooted for their survival and were unprepared for their deaths. Some of them survived one movie only to bite the dust in the following film, and other characters were killed before audiences got to connect with them. Since this post is about characters who met their maker, most often, thanks to the violent whims of an insane killer, a spoiler warning is herby in effect. So lock your doors and crawl under the bed; here are more horror movie victims who should’ve survived.

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