Babylon 5: Why the Sci-Fi Series Ended With Season 5

Hailed as one of the great hits of the early ’90s, the science fiction television series Babylon 5, created by Michael Straczynski, was ambitious and intricate, weaving long-running story arcs and delivering a space opera epic that rivaled the likes of Star Trek. Set on the titular massive space station that serves as the central meeting point for the various species of the galaxy, the series follows the staff and diplomats who are embroiled in several galaxy-wide conflicts, including one of the central events of the series: the war between the sinister Shadows and their sworn enemies, the Vorlons.

Making its debut in 1993, Babylon 5 initially aired on the Prime Time Entertainment Network (PTEN) before jumping to TNT for its final season. The show ran for 110 episodes and spawned six TV films and a spinoff series called Crusade. However, despite its popularity among niche sci-fi fans, the series ended after five seasons in 1998.


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