The Chronicles of Narnia: Susan’s Dark Fate and Why There’s Hope for Her Yet

“Sire,” said Tirian, when he had greeted all these. “If I have read the chronicle aright, there should be another. Has not your Majesty two sisters? Where is Queen Susan?”

“My sister Susan,” answered Peter shortly and gravely, “is no longer a friend of Narnia.”

When I first thought about writing this post, I wanted to establish a passionately written defense of my favorite character from the Chronicles of Narnia, Susan, the second eldest Pevensie child and one of the four Kings and Queens of Narnia. As a child reading C.S. Lewis’ series, I immediately felt drawn to Susan, who I viewed as a brave but gentle archer Queen of Narnia. Her younger sister Lucy, the one responsible for bringing the other Pevensies to Narnia, was enthusiastic and hopeful, naive but kindly. Susan, on the other hand, was a little more cynical, a little more reserved, and a lot more slighted by the cruelty of an omnipotent writer – at least, so I thought at the time.

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