Horror Movie Victims Who Should’ve Survived- Horror Obsessive Edition

Surviving a horror movie, much less than an entire franchise, is no easy feat. It takes courage, endurance, a lot of luck, and favorable writers to ensure a character makes it out alive. Only the best of the best make it to the end credits, and even then, death could rear its ugly sadistic head just when the audience thinks everything’s over and the character they rooted for is safe.

Unfortunately for the characters on this list, they didn’t quite make the cut. Some survived one film only to be brutally killed for the sequel, and some didn’t even make it through one outing. It’s a shame because all of the characters on this list possess the hallmark traits of a horror movie survivor: they fought like hell, they were likable, and they proved they could match wits (for the most part) against some of the evilest horror movie villains in the genre. So lock your doors and grab your crucifixes, dear reader. Here are the horror movie victims who should’ve survived.

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