The Tragedy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Snowfolk

The snowfolk are the lovable and optimistic mascots of winter in Animal Crossing, and they’ve enjoyed a long history across the franchise’s many installments. On December 11, the snowfolk made their debut in the popular island getaway Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and similarly to previous installments, players must construct a perfect snowboy who will gift them unique DIY recipes for the frozen furniture set series and large snowflakes, a needed component to craft the items. Building a perfect snowboy is pretty simple; the head must be 90 percent smaller than the body. Once constructed, the snowboys hang out on the player’s island for four days, each day melting just a little until nothing’s left.

Despite their short lifespans and their knowledge of their impending slushiness, the snowboys remain jovial and good natured, which almost makes their impending fates a little sadder. Sure, they come back next year but seeing your perfectly crafted snowfolk get smaller and smaller each day until vanishing into the blankets of snow covering your island is just a little heartbreaking. For four days, the snowfolk experience life free from the collective of snow from which they are created, and while they don’t strictly “die”, it almost feels like they lose their individuality and sentience once they melt.

The snowboys comment on their melting state; some will say they’ve lost plenty of water weight, and others will muse that a walk-in freezer would serve them well, which almost speaks to their desire for longevity. However, these brave mascots know their job, and that’s to spread to spread a little holiday cheer.

For all it’s positivity and charm, a little darkness and tragedy is lurking in the shadows of Animal Crossing. Look no further than the Able Sisters, who lost their parents at a young age and worked together to survive, or the snowboys, who are aware of their melting state and meet their impending fates with a smile and a good attitude.

Let me know if you’re enjoying the winter update for Animal Crossing New Horizons, and be sure to check in with your perfectly crafted snowboy each day for DIY recipes and large snowflakes. Check out my website for all things pop culture. Stay nerdy!

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