Welcome to the new site

I made this blog in 2016, and my goal was to look critically at how popular culture reflected current societal trends and values. I didn’t keep up to date on the blog, and abandoned it after two posts to pursue other projects.

I have returned to the site and not only updated the theme and appearance, but also broadened the blog’s scope to include my thoughts on how mass media plays a role in our society and how it informs and inspires the public. I have also included links to my University of Oregon blog, which showcases different projects I have worked on throughout the years.

Throughout my time in the journalism school at the U of O, I have worked on several projects which given me insight in to how much power journalists and public relations agents hold. We tell the stories, we present the facts, and we influence public opinion. It is our job to be truthful and to uphold the code of ethics that define our profession.

I will still use this blog to look critically at different areas of pop culture, from television series to movies to comic books and video games and explore how these media have changed throughout the years.

University of Oregon blog: http://blogs.uoregon.edu/f15mveltman/author/mveltman-2/




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